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American Expat Wants to Go Fishing in Kuwait!

 Posted in Kuwait forum 04 Nov 2009, 12:28

My name is Hutch and I am a American Expat living in Kuwait. I am very interested in taking a saltwater fish trip here in Kuwait, I have a few friends who are also interested in going. If anyone has any information about trips or charter information, or otherwise good places to fish in Kuwait, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank!

  • Captain sea man

    yes theere is a lot of sea trip in kuwait

    posted by  Captain sea man in  Kuwait forum 23 Nov 2009, 09:08

    First you are welcome in Kuwait.
    are you still looking for fishing trips and sea cruise?
    Here in Kuwait, many of these trips.
    I will explain to you the services available here in Kuwait.

    1-There are coastal sailing close to the beach takes about 20 minutes, a very cheap per person. it is around 1 K.D in salmiyah
    The boat accommodates 20 passengers, almost. The cost of one dinar per person.

    2-There is a journey of 6 hours of fishing for five people cost 45 dinars

    3-There is a trip to accommodate three people and allows for 11 passengers on a yacht for a trip to the island. and fishing
    it is Open time of 4 hours to a full day depending on the agreement and the selection of meals and food and beverages. And cost approximately 30 to 50 dinars, and I advise this offer

    4-There is room for a boat sixty people for a trip full day at 200 dinars
    so are you still looking for the sea trip
    jut tell me the details so i can guide you to the best


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    posted by  Hutch S in  Kuwait forum 23 Nov 2009, 09:28

    Ok, I am interested in the second option. Where does this boat go, what kind of fish are they catching, and what equiptment is needed in order to be able to go? Lastly, does there have to be five people or can it be four?

  • Captain sea man

    i call him

    posted by  Captain sea man in  Kuwait forum 23 Nov 2009, 10:37

    i just call him now .
    about your quastion he said
    the boat is going to ( alreksah - alheshan - aldefan - om alfaham - alboyah alsafra - altabaanah ) this is the name of point they called in kuwaiti dialect
    the driver is Egyptian
    for the passengers he said 4 people the maximum . :) i think befor it was 5 but it is different boat.
    the boat Length of 27 feet with tow Engine
    there is no seat i think you can use the Surface of the boat .
    about the time he said
    Departure time for the trip
    Morning 9 am to 3 pm
    And the second time from 9 PM to 3 AM dawn
    about the kind of fish
    he said all kind of fish maybe you can find it but is this time you find alot of ( nowaiby{Medium-sized} - dowelmee{ LARG the tall fish} - yanam {it i small} )
    the equiptment he have but not so good
    Prefer to be with you for fishing equipment if you dont have ask him to Preparing
    they cant talk English thats why i am intermediary
    for sure without any Commission
    Only to help others and their happiness
    any Q ?

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    still interested

    posted by  Hutch S in  Kuwait forum 23 Nov 2009, 12:18

    Ok sounds great, so since the max is four then it can be two or three right? Does he have a trip every morning or is that something I need to set up with him, if so can you please provide an email or a telephone number? Thanks!

  • Captain sea man


    posted by  Captain sea man in  Kuwait forum 23 Nov 2009, 15:03

    yes you are right
    max 4
    1 or 2 it is oky he just need his money 45 kd
    it is every day you have to chose your time then ask him if is it available or not

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    posted by  Hutch S in  Kuwait forum 23 Nov 2009, 16:44

    do you have an email or a number, or how do I find out if a specific day is available?

  • Captain sea man


    posted by  Captain sea man in  Kuwait forum 25 Nov 2009, 11:05

    i sent contact.

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    fishing charter

    posted by  David Keys in  Kuwait forum 11 Apr 2010, 19:25

    Can I get this contact ?

  • Captain sea man


    posted by  Captain sea man in  Kuwait forum 12 May 2010, 18:14

    are you still looking for fishing?

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