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Cambridge English School - Mangaf

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I just brought my family to Kuwait from Sydney and facing immense difficulty in getting my 6yr old admitted to a school. I had tried nearly all the English schools - KES, BSK, TES, NES, TEA, etc. but they haven't got any places. Finally able to locate this Cambridge English School in Mangaf which apparently is a new school and have places available. Just wondering anyone here knows about this school? Any information will help.

Thanks so much...

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    Stay away from Cambridge in Mangaf

    posted by  Kuwait Info in Kuwait forum 

    I had my children at the school for a couple years, a Kuwaiti boy fought with my son and I had to file charges against the boy. The school is out of control and the Kuwaiti kids are really bad. The teachers don;t have their residency and my children learned nothing.

    They are now in English School Fahaheel which is behind Cambridge. It's a really good school which has rules and teachers that actually teach. The only bad thing is the payment schedule. They want 80% for the first semester and the total paid off by December.

    Other than that I think it's a great school, I have 2 teenage kids there now and my 11 yr old at IBS in Fahaheel until next year.

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    Thanks for the feedback

    posted by  Ghyas Alam in Kuwait forum 

    Thanks for the feedback. After so much of struggling I finally have option to admit my child at Kuwait National English School in Hawalli. Though its far from Ahmadi where I live I really have no other option. All other schools including the IBS in Fahaheel is full. This particular school is also asking for 80% fees to be paid at admission and remaining by January.

    I will try and get my son transferred to IBS in Fahaheel next year hopefully if they will have some places available along with my second son who is turning 4 then.

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    Looking for a school close to Mangaf

    posted by  Christine Maxwell in Kuwait forum 

    I am looking for a school for my 15 year old son near Mangaf. Are you still happy with The English School of Fahahel? Everyone keeps telling me to put my son in ASK (American School of Kuwait) but it is so far away and we will have to have to wake up at 5:30 just to get him there on time. Any guidance you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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    posted by  Jack Package in Kuwait forum 

    Hello Christine,
    American schools are really expensive here, you can expect the tuition to be around K.D 4000-5000 by
    the time your son reaches high school. British schools are less expensive but you can expect similar quality
    in terms of the education if not better. Some of the reputable English Schools here include The British School of Kuwait, New English School, Kuwait English School and English School Fahaheel among among many up and coming schools. There is also apparently a new school in Fahaheel which is called International British School and you could call them up if they have spots available.

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    English School Fahaheel

    posted by  Kuwait Info in Kuwait forum 

    Yes, I'm still happy with the school. My daughter is set to graduate this year and I will be moving my 12 yr old to ESF from IBS next semester. 7-12 grade fees are the same, 2640 KD I think 95 KD book fees and 50+ KD for uniforms. The normal payment schedule is 80% in August and the rest of the balance by December. My kids used to travel further to another school, my daughter told me about the driver hitting a garbage can and the window next to her broke. I wouldn't recommend having kids travel with the crazy drivers in Kuwait.

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