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How to get Driving Licence very quickly in Muscat, Oman ?

 Posted in Oman forum 26 Dec 2010, 18:47

I am an Indian National just recently moved to Muscat, Oman. Please guide me how to get Driving Licence very quickly in Muscat, Oman. I am ready to do whatever it takes to get it quickly. Also please give various alternatives with associated cost estimates. Will appreciate first hand information from people who actually went through it successfully rather than hear say storey.

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    Post was deleted by vikrant kotgirwar.

    posted by  vikrant kotgirwar in  Oman forum 15 Feb 2012, 15:46



    posted by  MADHU SETHUMADHAVAN in  Oman forum 21 Feb 2012, 02:43


    If u have an indian license you can bypass the drum & slope test after getting the license attested from indian embassy & Oman ministry..then all u have is road test..which u can get license even in 1st attempt..that depends upon ur driving

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    Good trainer for driving

    posted by  vikrant kotgirwar in  Oman forum 10 Jul 2012, 06:04

    To get a licence you should have a good trainer in Oman.

    I can share my experience with my trainer who guide me properly on basics of road driving. I got licence 3 months back and confident enough to drive on roads.

    If anybody from Ruwi area can contact him for driving classes. His name is Naseer and GSM no is 99747346.

    All the best to new comers to Oman.

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    your recommendation

    posted by  Muhammad Murad Iqbal in  Oman forum 13 Oct 2012, 08:01

    Thank you for this recommendation. I have spoken to Naseer, wish me luck.


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    All the best Mohd. Murad Iqbal.

    posted by  vikrant kotgirwar in  Oman forum 13 Oct 2012, 11:08

    All the best. I wish your experience with Naseer will be good.

  • Benjamin Varghese

    Oman Driving License Tips

    posted by  Benjamin Varghese in  Oman forum 26 Oct 2013, 07:22

    Cut and Paste the above link for some tips to get your driving license in Oman.

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