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exit visa

 Posted in Saudi Arabia forum 18 Jul 2010, 08:52

I want to go vacation and I will not come back with present employer. I want to join onother company in saudi arabia.

So, I would like to know that When can I come back in saudi arabia.

What is the current producre about this.

what is the new rules for exit re-entry ?

  • Abdul Qayyum Khan


    posted by  Abdul Qayyum Khan in  Saudi Arabia forum 19 Jul 2010, 14:32

    Hi, Padmanabhan
    No need to worry just get a Final Exit Visa if u want to come back on another visa.
    But if you go on exit- re-entry visa, then you cannot get new visa stamped on your passport for 1 year from the date of boarding the plane from Saudi.
    Take care

  • munir ehsan


    posted by  munir ehsan in  Saudi Arabia forum 20 Jul 2010, 08:23

    hi to do that coz ur going on vacation thats mean u dont want to tell ur company that ur going for ever
    so 2 things
    1st is u tell ur company that i want to go for final exit if they agree then take from company called NOC no objection certificate so u can stamp new visa on ur same passport and u can come back to ksa
    2nd way is that if u dont want to tell ur company that u wannn go for final exit or they can create some problem for u
    go for normal vacation till ur exit re entry finished
    stay in ur home country for 3 months and u have to have a new passport with different name so u have a new passport with new visa
    but take care of 1 thing that if ur finger print is not done than u can do the 2nd option other wise go for the 1st option
    thank u

  • Abdul Qayyum Khan


    posted by  Abdul Qayyum Khan in  Saudi Arabia forum 20 Jul 2010, 13:41

    No need for noc, all you need is final exit visa.
    Now a days NOC is not needed for Indians.

  • requet

    posted by Deleted user in  Saudi Arabia forum 21 Jul 2010, 16:04

    if u give any suggaition for any person plz donot confues .

  • munir ehsan


    posted by  munir ehsan in  Saudi Arabia forum 22 Jul 2010, 06:47

    hi dear brother i thing u must nw that be 110% sure that u dont need NOC
    coz back their in India non of these who r giving comments will help u
    and if any 1 wants to comment plz give some ref. or proof that no need for NOC
    so our brother can go with out any confusion
    other wise plz dont give 1 line comment and run away

  • Abdul Qayyum Khan

    to every one over here

    posted by  Abdul Qayyum Khan in  Saudi Arabia forum 22 Jul 2010, 09:19

    Referrence is me. I've come back after going back on Final-Exit visa.

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    I want to know the process

    posted by  Md . in  Saudi Arabia forum 28 Aug 2010, 08:46

    I came on a personal driver visa but I'm going back and will be coming on a Aamil visa, is it possible for me to come back within a month?

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    Re:I want to know the process

    posted by  Zafar Hazim in  Saudi Arabia forum 16 Sep 2010, 06:22

    Yes you can....but make sure you have got Final Exit Paper(Khuruj Nihai) Original or Xerox with you while coming to India, then you can go again whenever you want.

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    @Zafar Hazim

    posted by  Md . in  Saudi Arabia forum 16 Sep 2010, 07:21

    Thanks a lot for the reply back Mr Zafar, I really appreciate this forum and the people who are supporting it, May Allah always grant us better than what we seek, Aameen

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