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permanent ban because of hepatitis b

 Posted in Dubai forum 21 Aug 2010, 07:06

Hi everyone, i am a new user in this and i would like to join the forum page. I have read from gulfnews ,khaleejtimes and the national that the department of health in dubai had amended their rules for medical and that hepatitis b and c will not be included on the requirement would this mean that those ex expat deported can now go back to Dubai and work?what about those people being deported of hep. b and was put with permanent ban becuase of hep. b. is there a possibility that they can re-enter again Dubai please let me know becuase i have asuch a close friend who was deported becuase she has a hep.b.... hope to hear from you guys.

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  • Imagemaker Dubai

    Hepatitis B

    posted by  Imagemaker Dubai in  Dubai forum 23 Aug 2010, 18:24

    Hepa b is incurable & contagious hence she will not be allowed to work in UAE or anywhere in the GCC. This will come out on the blood work that everyone has to go through as part of the medical exam for employment visa

  • Hepatitis B

    posted by Deleted user in  Dubai forum 25 Aug 2010, 02:51

    Hi Ms. Rhea C,

    Thank you so much for the reply, just confuse though because it is in the newspapers everywhere in Dubai on 20 of August that Hepatitis B , C and TB will not be included in the medical as part of the requirement to get residence visa though in the newspaper they say that there are still six categories of labour ( meaning people who works in hospital,parlor,spa,f and b etc. that they will still impose the old rules that they should be tested for hep. b,c,tb,hiv but other profession is not included on this ... We just want to know if the said new rules are being imposed already.?


  • Imagemaker Dubai


    posted by  Imagemaker Dubai in  Dubai forum 25 Aug 2010, 09:55

    As you know laws here in Dubai takes a long time to be implemented. I suggest that you check with DOHMS directly and make sure it is in effect already otherwise your friend might just spend money on her application only to fail the medical exam again. I just recently renewed my visa and I still had to take the bloodworks for HIV & Hepa.

  • Shan K

    HEP B

    posted by  Shan K in  Dubai forum 26 Aug 2010, 06:34

    Dear Both,

    I have cheched wiht MOD Abu dhabi as per them the rule is implemented and people with Hep B will e allowed to work in UAE, for your satisfaction u can call both MOD dubai and abu dhabi...


  • Shan K

    Hep B

    posted by  Shan K in  Dubai forum 26 Aug 2010, 06:37

    8001111 & 800 2742 are the toll free numbers

    If by chance the above numbers are wrong, my applogies just take the Ministry of Health call center number and call them they will clarify your doubt.


  • hepa B

    posted by Deleted user in  Dubai forum 27 Aug 2010, 05:37

    Hi Shan,

    Thanks for the information, this will make my friend very happy if the said rule is really implemented.


    posted by Deleted user in  Dubai forum 31 Aug 2010, 09:32

    Just today there was some information to the contrary better check before you make decisions .. I doubt it refers to HEPA B .. i think it was in conjunction with TB but that too not for first arrivals but for people who are renewing their visas !

  • Hepa B

    posted by Deleted user in  Dubai forum 02 Sep 2010, 03:12

    Thanks for the email, i have a doubt on this issue beucase as stated in the website of minsitry of Health they specifically siad that hepa B and C will not be part of the test for those labours not listed on the 6 categories mentioned .Which is true to this??? any idea..

  • Imagemaker Dubai

    medical test

    posted by  Imagemaker Dubai in  Dubai forum 02 Sep 2010, 09:00

    Better check with the Ministry of Health to inquire directly. Or your friend can take the chance and come and be ready with possible rejection if money & time is not an issue for her.

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