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information about living expenses at Hangzhou

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Dear Everybody!

I wonder if somebody could tell me some information about living expenses at Hangzhou. Im planning to go for study to china, and im hesitating between Haikou and Hangzhou.
Are there any foreigners, if yes approx. how many?

Thank you!

  • Zhang harry اذهب إلى الملف الشخصي لـ

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    Hangzhou is is a famous city.

  • saraycc saraycc

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    Hello, very nice to answer you this question.
    I'm a native in Hangzhou, so I know exactly the living expenses in Hangzhou.
    To rent a house, the house expense ranges from one to another. But the normal price is 1000RMB/month.
    And you yourself share one room. But if you want to rent a cheaper one, you can also find cheaper houses.

    Here I have a lot of foreign friends who are studying Chinese class in Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics.
    They say that the teacher in that University are very good. Only after studying for 3 months, they can communicate with me in Chinese very fluently. Also, their calligraphy is very beautiful.

    If you want to study Chinese in Hangzhou, you can contact Sara:

    WeChat: sara8447446
    Email: [...]

  • LifeAngel Wendy

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    Hello, I am a Chinese girl living Hangzhou Now; Just like guys above said, Hangzhou is a beautiful place, the expense in Hangzhou is around 4000 RMB, if you rent a house around 1500 RMB;

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  • Tony Banks

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    I have been in Hangzhou since February 2012. Student at Zhejiang University. There are many foreigners here, I do not find that it is a problem. To rent an a flat is very cheep 1500 to 4000 RMB per month, plus electric I am paying 50RMB per month. I find the food cheap here, there are many things here that is cheap. You do have the choice of low budget for high. I have only been to a few places in China but Hongzhou is very beautiful.

  • Nicest Guy اذهب إلى الملف الشخصي لـ

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    Hey there Constantine,

    I've been to many cities of China and I assure you, Hangzhou is the best place.
    We got thousands of foreigners here, that's not a problem actually.
    You can find a flat mate and rent apartment (each room apart) for around 1000RMB per month, which is around 150USD.
    Food is not so cheap here, also be careful of dirty places.
    Other stuff is cheap as hell, clothing, massage and so on...

    Good luck :)

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