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Anyone out there traveling/ studying/ working in Tubingen??? I move there in a few days and dont know anyone yet!
So excited to make new friends and meet new people!


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    Hi Holly,

    My name is Ben and I live near Stuttgart now. I'm teaching English and French and I'm looking forward to meeting nice and interesting people from allover the world. Also it would be absolutely cool to practise my English again. As I lived for 2 years in Tübingen I may help you finding nice places to go to and If you need to find an appartement, I know a lot of people around.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Just write me an e-mail to: [...]

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    Hey Holly..
    my name is Oscar and Im a Chilean who lives in ravensburg,,this is approx 120 Km south of Tubingen. I arrived here 3 months ago and Im here to do an internship in a tour operator and to improve German..Although we are not pretty near, I write to say hello and we can keep in touch and interchange email es [...]..
    ok just email me

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