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greek looking job in japan

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i am greek looking job in japan.Due to the economic crisis in my country looking for work in a country that still I hear jobs.I have read that Japan still keeps its traditions and its values ​​as did my country many years ago but it has all been done Fire and Ash.I look forward ANSWERS.

  • Yasunobu Matsui

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    hi i donno how to help here in tokyo jobless really broke everyday now too..why wont you goto other countries within Europe to find new jobs? guess northern countries like Germany,Holland,Denmark etc should be much better in Japan there are so many UNIQUE business or work Customs(culture)..

    (*below)is from my CS(Coach Surfing)webpage most updated comments Notis..
    to this Buenos Aires(Argentine)wall talking ALSO about this Topic of here can you just check(read)all these most newest comments of me ASAP too Notis?????? and can give me some Good Advices for me what to do next in my Life from your side too Notis..

    I have been to Corfu island with my Family from Hamburg,Germany where i used to be living long time ago..for 5 years when I was still high school student Club Med tour for 2-3 weeks in 1990 summer when I was 15 years old..and everything here in Greece I experienced was just so wonderful and unforgettable till today for even over 23 years till now Notis..

    Yasu(Yasunobu Matsui)

    hi i live here in Tokyo just jobless and really broke(poor)everyday here in Tokyo just wondering around what to do next in my life with my very small money(I have about 5000USA$ now thats everything..and jobless..)now..i have never been to Argentine or Latin Americas in my whole 38 years of my Life Time(im still 37 years old now but very soon on this june27 again turning quick 38 my new age..) im(also as well as many other countries of this world)interested in going there from here Japan(Tokyo) ASAP..but i have no close families or friends who are now living in Buenos Aires,Argentine now..or in any other countries except here Japan..and have no good houses to stay too(of course)..

    btw, i myself lost 2 of my uncles my families by of my father side in 1986 when i was 10 and also in 2005 when i was 30 yrs old too..

    i grew up in Europe for total 11 years too for 6 years in London 1976-1982 when i was 1-6 yrs old small kid right after i got born out from here Tokyo in 1975 and also from 1988-1993 when i was 13-18 years old for 5 more years in Hamburg,West.Germany a really beautiful port city..which is not that far from Denmark as well as Holland Sweden Finland Norway etc all Nordics were right above where I grew up here in Hamburg during all my J.high and high school days..and I was local ISH International School of Hamburg student studying with all my 500-600 school mates from all over this Danish Grade mate called Thomas Muller Jensen..who I studied with him for this 5 whole years 1988-1993 when we were 13-18 years old teenagers..a guy from copenhagen..and we were linked here in facebook for while..but he deleted few days ago..

    hola Fernando and Benjamin..thanks for gr8 advices for me now..ok i see..ha ha ha..Argentine is bad for working..why is this? Benjamin? yes I grew up in Hamburg for 5 years during my high school days in Germany and can use some German language skill..and yeah Europe(in general all countries)are all very nice and relaxing less stressful to live too..but maybe less excitement like in USA Australia Canada in Japan Computer Company as Sales I had to work 15 hours per day everyday for about 3 years for 1 same company with even lots of weekends jobs without any holidays to have at all and also loads tons over nights jobs I had to for this 3 years(actually 2 years and 9 months)from 2000,Apr-2002,Dec..when i was 24-27 years old I felt as if I was a robot when i was very responsible for this job(also I was a permanent staff and the company was pretty large Japanese one of here Tokyo too Benjamin..) in Argentine you work like this of here Japan too Benjamin? same too excessive hard working culture?????

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    do you speak Japanese? To what extend?

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