• Going to LIBYA very soon...

    تم إرسال المناقشة من قبل تم حذف المستخدم في منتدى ليبيا 

    First congratulation on the new job that you got and welcome to Libya.
    About your questions:
    1. Well anyway, women should wear decent clothes; never tops, shorts, leggings, mini skirts, transparent blouses, very tight clothes or huge décolleté. Doing this makes you more comfortable.
    2. Corinthia Hotel is in the downtown, Taxis and mini buses are the main transportation means here, No tramway or metros yet. Conventional stores are everywhere; also malls are getting to be more and more.
    3. Yes of course there are banks where you can transfer your money to your home country, there is That Elmad complex across from Corinthia Hotel and there you can find banks where you can send your money.

    By the way there is kind of big community from Philippines most of them working in Hospitals, so you wont have any problem to cope with the life style here.

    Hope that helps,

    Good luck

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