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In desperate need to find an apartment

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Hey everyone,

I just found out yesterday from my company that I will be placed in Stockholm from September 2013 for a period of 9 month.

I am very excited to come live in Sweden but after searching around the web I have come to realize how difficult it is to find apartments to rent.

I am still waiting to hear from my company to see if they can help me in finding an apartment.

As I am moving in a month I need to start cracking and finding a place.

I would really appreciate any advice any of you could give me in regards to renting a flat in Stockholm (good websites, a good agent or any information).

Really looking forward to my 9 month in Sweden !!!!

Thank you in advance,


  • ufuk sakar

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    How are you? I am computer engineer worker in Turkey. Our company is planning to accommodate 8 months for integration job in Stockholm. Is that possible to any studio flat near Stockholm for foreigners? Can you give me some information about details, please?

    Thank you...

  • Meh K

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    Hi Sarah,

    Your most welcome.

    Yea, it's realistic. Do like this way .. keep 5 to 10 rent apartments ads(apartment advertisements) in your minds. When you are here in Stockholm, contact with them efter a day or so. Visit there and talk with rent, and settle with date of join and payments.

    Note: Remember when you are in apartment then pay and write a English rent contract.

    Nothing to worry, usually its go like this but you have to be safe side.

    Welcome to Stockholm


  • Sarah M

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    Thank you for you reply Mehboob.

    I have finally got the hand of using the site and it seems to be the best housing site so far.

    I have decided to book a hotel for 10 days and contact the latest apartment advertisements and go view them on the spot. Do you think finding an apartment in 10 days is realistic in Stockholm ? or should I give myself more time ?? any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Meh K

    Rent in Sweden

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    You can find a rent apartment, or

    i am sure you going to find a apartment, let me know if you have any other question.


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