Shirley Marie Bradby

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Shirley Marie Bradby
 Shirley Marie Bradby
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My name is Shirley Marie Bradby and I was born at Camp Atterbury near Edinburgh, Indiana in the USA. I was an Army brat! (smile) I attended Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn. where I studied Political Science and Economics with the intention of becoming a journalist. ________However, after discovering my passion for ESL teaching, I decided to make it my career! I currently have over 16 years of experience as an ESL teacher and with the advent of information technology and the Internet my capabilities as an ESL teacher and translator have been further enhanced and empowered. ________By using multimedia didactic materials that offer the learner more and better opportunities to see and hear English being used in various contexts my ESL online lessons give professional and enthusiastic assistance to help my students successfully reach their English language goals in Conversational, Business, and Special English.________ I also offer job and college interview coaching as well as individualized preparation for examinations such IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, BEC, GRE, and USMLE that has always been successful in helping my students obtain excellent scores while at the same time improving their language skills for school and for the work place....where time is money and every second counts! __________ My personal interests are many but they definitely include my other passion which is music! In fact I am the lead singer for a great band called JALEBI Music. Just google us and discover a new world of music! Other activities I enjoy are reading, watching films, writing, discovering new artists and musicians, and learning about new computer technology! _________I also enjoy publishing my English_For_You Web Magazine which showcases my students from around the world! Check it out!________
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Umbria (Italy)
English, Italian, Spanish
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Australia, China, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Umbria, Rome


Spiritual awarenes (Bhakti Yoga) JALEBI Music (my wonderful band) You can also check us out at: ***Google "JALEBI Music" to find out more! ♥♬♥☆
الموسيقى المفضلة:
JALEBI Music (conscious art music), Indian, rock, classical, R&B, country,
الأفلام المفضلة:
Bollywood and Hollywood films (Science fiction, fantasy, thrillers)
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Novels, science fiction, adventure, yoga
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Solitude, Internet, writing, reading, dancing, music
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I do not hate anything


English_For_You (Founder and Owner)
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American English Mother Tongue ESL Teacher - Personal ESL Trainer - Translator (ITA-ENG)
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Online ESL American English Teacher - Personal ESL Trainer - Translator (ITA-ENG)
#1 .....NUMBER ONE !!!!... +10,581 private Individual Lessons Given!!! 99.9% Positive Feedback!


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