holly kitts

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holly kitts
 holly kitts
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I'm 21 in a few days and moving to Germany to become an Au Pair (i cant wait!) but i dont speak fluent german yet and i dont know anyone out there apart from my host family. So am looking to meet people and make some good friends.
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Tübingen (Germany)
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Germany, Tübingen


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I like loads... fav bands: Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Chilli Peppers, Fratellis, The Killers, Fall Out Boy
الأفلام المفضلة:
Stand by me, The Note book, Good Will Hunting
الكتب المفضلة:
Brother in the land
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I love music, going out, traveling, spending time with mate and most of all HAVING FUN
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beet root
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Au Pair
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I worked in an outdoor/ travel shop in england selling holiday stuf/ hikeing equiptment and army supplys


  • David Milford
     David Milford

    Hey Holly

    Very nice to meet you, or at least see you on internet :) My name is David and I have been living in Tübingen now for the last year. I am currently working on a PhD up at the clinic. So you have been here now for the last 3 months what do you think of it so far.

    It would be great to hear back from you. Till then have a great rest of week/weekend.

    Dave :)