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i have no idea

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hi friends,
My name raza i am from pakistan and maried with bulgarian girl.she is so nice and sweet i love her more than my life. we spend 2 year now. and our love is groing day by day.
i have residece permit of bulgaria.i want move in another european country with my wife for good future.i aske many place can i travel with my wife.but still no body give me satisfied answer either imegration of bulgaria.
Pleas if some one know about my answer please reply me

  • ashraf raza

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    THANKS for reply. actualyu writing about visit out of bg on work basis,
    but i want go as visit bases,and secondly as u know i have long term residential (family member)card
    which u give name (pink card)please.Give me detail information about france or germiny visit on pink card
    for me
    Thanks and good luck
    Muhammad Ashraf

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