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Live beetles

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Good day all.

I am a breeder of live insects. I live in Czech Republic (Europe) and I look for good people who get the beetle alive for me. Offer good money for trapped beetles, long-term cooperation if everything ok. Thank you for the offer

Nice day Zdenek Slanina

  • Fondem Julius Tebugeh

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    Hi Zdenek,
    This is Fondem Julius from Cameroon you contacted in December 2011 about live beetle.Have you gut some or you still need them from me as we lastly discause? If you need them then don't hesitade to contact me at [...] or mobile +23775753186.


  • Отиди на профила на frave yolaine

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    Hi Zdenek Slanina, Iwe have a few beetles and larvae available at the moment:

    Cetonidae (Flower Beetles):

    - Goliathus orientalis

    - (African Goliath Beetle - super Giant Flower Beetles (Goliathus are the world's largest flower beetles) with black and white patterned elytra): (Genetically unrelated larvae from 7 different females available):
    L2 larvae - £9.50 each – in stock
    L3 larvae sexed pair (1male & 1 female) - £22 – in stock
    L3 larvae sexed trio (1 male & 2 females) - £32 – in stock
    Adult pair - £ (Please check for availability)

    - Mecynorrhina oberthuri decorata
    - (Similar to the below species but with red and black spotted elytra, from 3 different genetically unrelated pairs):
    L3 larvae - only males available (large - late L3) - £5 each – in stock
    Contact us for photo ok.
    Please contact us at E-mail:::: [...]

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