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Looking for information about living in cyprus

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Hi iam trying to find out about living in cyprus..like the price of appartments and what the average wages are to work as bar staff/PR and if you can live and get work there all year round. which is the best part to live in to make money all year round?

  • Elias Wagner

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    Hi Caesar-N, may I know the size of your 200 Euros apartment? I suppose that doesn't include the electricity and water bills yet. correct?

  • Caesar N

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    There are apartments cheaper than these prices. I was a resident in Limassol
      My apartment was 200 Euros
    This depends on experience ..

  • Laura Andrei

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    I live in Nicosia Cyprus,Lycavitos area what is kind of center. I pay for a flat with a bedroom and one living room 300 euro. When i search this year to move from here i find same..300 up. The life is expensive if you dont know to be clever. You can find supermarkets with very good prices. Not all we do shopping at ALFAMEGA. About jobs...depends on your luck. And that with all year around is a tricky question . Good luck!

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