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About to move, anyone helping out, urgent!

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Announcement :


Urgently looking for à job in any bigger part of Cyprus, O am à Singer songwtiter for digital music, and would prefer to work as karaoke host or something within charity combined with music .

I can go very shortly, immediately just within some days if needed .

To hear my voice you can visit:




Looking forward of hearing from you 

( please be aware of hackers stealing My texts and everything I do, they try to use My name evwrywhere on the web so dont trust ANY info about that I would be sick or something, Its à gang of arabic men stalking me. They have used video and sound recording trying to show people 'truths', its false recording all over)

May be possible that someone also claim himself à doc, saying that I am psycho sick, this has been ongoing for years and à reason for My move out of here. Its probably an x man behind all this , à bitter one.


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