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I'm a 40 Yrs old Frenchman who,for professional reason, will land (...)in Gutersloh, beginning of November-

My German skills doesn't go much beyond "Hello,Good Morning/Evening and Thank you" but that's ok as it only can get better. I can't wait starting to learn and improving myself though. Is there any Native German Speaker that would be keen to exchange conversation with me?

As it is an exchange, I'm offering French and/or Spanish back.

Another "thing" pending I've got to explore and "fix" is the accommodation "issue".

Does anyone know any Flat/Apartments rental web pages,posts (No agencies please) or some kind of German Loot ?

Please, note i cannot read German so I'm looking for web pages that can be flagged into English Language?

As for myself, I've been living and traveling in various countries so i can tip back.

Come and Say Hello anyway:=


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