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What's the best place to live in Ireland?

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I'm thinking about going to Ireland for a while and I wonder what would be a nice place to live? Which regions could you recommend me?

Thanks, Gonzalo

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  • Market Street

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    Dublin City is the best place to live in Ireland because the people who live here have friendly and helping nature. If you need to buy anything then there are all type of markets available on every 1 KM. You can also buy unique gifts in Ireland for any kind of occasion from https://marketstreet.ie/

  • LikePlace Ireland

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    That's according to ratings from people who live there.
    Some other good places are:

    Dunsany, Meath.
    Courtmacsherry, Cork.
    Crossmolina, Mayo.
    Camp, Kerry.
    Clonakilty, Cork.

    Some places to avoid are Jobstown in Dublin and poor old Limerick City.

    Some more interesting observations and opinions are at www.likeplace.ie

  • Junior .

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    galway and cork you can feel more the irish life and have some options to go out and enjoy yourself.
    Dublin.. for f*ck sake!!
    Anyway, the weather it's the same sh*t in all regions over there.
    have fun!

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    Hi Gonzalo!
    The following website contains a very nice article, including descriptions of the different regions of Ireland!


    Bye, Adele :)

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