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Bringing a dog in Kuwait

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Does anybody know the required paperwork to bring a dog in Kuwait?
Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Justin,
    I agree, Kuwait is not a pet friendly place.
    I've been living here for two years and now my wife is coming.
    If dogs must be in quarantine on arrival, I'd better forget it.
    My in-laws will be happy to take care of our four-legged friend.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Hey there, yes you can bring your dog to kuwait. You would need to contact your vet for all the proper vaccinations for your dog. Then you will need to contact the kuwait embassy for their paperwork. There are vets all over kuwait and your dog can be treated here. there are a few issues you need to know about dogs in kuwait.
    I wouldnt bring your dog. Kuwait is not pet friendly. outside is to hot 90% of the year. I have had to leave my dog in the care of family while i stay here. Not to mention your dog will need to be in quarantine for a month here. If your dog hates cats then this is a bad place, cats are every where. Walking your dog is not friendly around kuwait. there is no crass and trash all over. dont get me wrong i like living here for no but its just not friendly for dogs, my fiance and i are so happy we found family to take care of our dogs because it would have been a horrible decision. I hope this helps

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