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Job in Maastricht Area / Zuid Limburg wanted

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Hi there,
I'm about to move to the Netherlands in a few weeks and am still looking for a job.
I'm a native German speaker, fluent in English (business as well as private), have basic French skills and am now learning Dutch on the go.
What I am looking for is a position as an Assistant (Team or Executive) or something in Project Management, though this would be a new field for me. Previously I worked in hospitality for 15 years, finally managed to get out of it and now for almost 2 year I am employed as an assistant to meanwhile 3 Vice Presidents of a large International Company in Zurich area.

My ideal job location would be in the Netherlands, if anyone is willing to hire me despite not yet fluent Dutch (I can understand most, struggeling a bit still with the replies), else over the boarder in Germany; meaning Aachen or nearby.

If anyone knows someone who has need of a super motivated assistant who goes the extra mile to get the job done; here I am, please contact me.


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