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Live music/musicians in the Azores?

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Hello. My wife and I are considering a part time (1/2 -1/3 each year) retirement spot in the Azores. I am an musician and I worry that the Azores will be like mainland Europe when it comes to live music and musicians. What I mean by that is bands are few and far between. Here in the States I can find many opportunities to preform with bands, even in the remote part of where I live.

In my experience there is very little need or desire for it in Europe, and I am concerned I will not be able to find a band or musicians to play with.

What if any live music is there in the Azores? Are the musicians who play more than traditional music? Are there Blues, Rock or Jazz bands?

Thanks in advance!

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    Thank you Robert! I can't wait to get there and find out first hand what the music scene is like.

  • Robert Hahn

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    There are several bands here on Terceira. I have friends and relatives that play live music all the time. My cousin who lives in the states also plays when he is here visiting. Chris Erwin "Captians of April" Here's their web page so you can check them out. https://www.facebook.com/CaptainsOfApril/ Our cousin Wilson's band Half Step Down.
    https://www.facebook.com/half.step.down.pico.azores/ We also have RockFest https://www.facebook.com/half.step.down.pico.azores/videos/5
    35857179938259/ and I there are of course local philharmonic bands. So to answer you question, I think there is a variety of music to choose here and I don't think you'll have any problem finding someone or someplace to play. Here's another link that might give you an idea of concerts that we've had in the past. And of course Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme, who was born in Praia da Vitória shows up once in awhile too. Hope that helps.

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