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New Book Club in Vilamoura?

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Hi all,

I moved to Vilamoura last November and whilst I am starting to find my feet (and all the supermarkets!), it would be great to meet more people and to start in socialise. Would anyone out there be interested in meeting up regularly. Nothing too serious, but an opportunity to have a good gossip, meet different people... and maybe even to discuss a book or two!

I'm open to suggestions, but would love to hear from people out there.

Take care, Sarah :-)

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    Hi Sarah,

    Just saw your post. I think it's a bit old and you've probably even moved from Portugal. Lol
    But I was wondering if you're still here and if you have any information on the apartment or house rental scene here. We're planning to move here from Lisbon on business. But we've been told it's difficult to get long term rentals. Is that the case?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yasmin Travasso

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