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Hello guys !

I'm a certified Korean teacher and have been teaching Korean for a long time. In university I triple majored in Korean Education, Law, and English (main major: Korean Education)

You'll be learning not only grammar, but also accurate pronunciation, real conversation and expressions, practical vocabulary, etc.(If you like K-music or dramas and movies, we can learn Korean from them as well)

Also, I don't teach Korean in a old/traditional way. I teach what Koreans are actually using in Korea right now. I'm not as fluent in English as a native speaker, but my English is good enough to explain.

I have reduced tuition. I used to charge $30-35 dollars per hour in Korea and other countries, but due to COVID and the fact that I'm teaching only on Zoom now, I'm only charging

one student - $25

two students - $20 (per person)

✏️ Don’t worry about your Korean level and payment methods as most of my students are beginners and from other countries😊

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me !
pto940219 @ gmail.com

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