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Here, in this line of discussion, we will add so that you can find the advanced summary on the topics that are published on the blog, it is intended to help, either with the dissemination of content or technical assistance in psychological matters and related.

  • Karl PEYTON

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    Social cohesion involves dynamic processes, both motivational and group maintenance. Thus, cohesion could be defined, according to Leon Festinger in 1950, as the total field of forces acting on the members to remain in the group. These forces are acquired by the group, with which they remain united and function as motivators for the coexistence of the members.

    High social cohesion is the product of an egalitarian society, given that its members feel highly part of the community itself, without being victims of marginality, exclusion or their fundamental rights being violated.

    Its members are part of the same group, with common interests and needs, respecting each other. A reduced degree of social cohesion is related to a very volatile society, with many possibilities of unleashing social confrontation and violence.

    How to achieve group cohesion?
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