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Oakland, California, 94613, United States Карта

(David Tudor Composer-in-Residence)

Covid Coping Mechanisms: A Virtual Variety Show

Working with a core group of students, staff and faculty from Mills College, we will produce an evening in which we explore virtual audience participation. Covid Coping Mechanisms: A Virtual Variety Show is a response to the Zoom experience, which flattens our expectations and interactions with each other as we sit alone in our private spaces. Through a series of performances and demonstrations, we will explore the possibilities of being together when we can't actually be together in physical proximity.

As members of a virtual and disembodied audience, our participation has been confined to that of witness. We watch and listen to the media, but we have lost our connection with the rest of the audience. Think about watching movies in a crowded theater - While our main focus is on the screen, we also experience a visceral, communal connection with the rest of the audience. To the point of despair, we have been severed from the shared experience of focusing together within a social body.

The Virtual Variety Show is an experiment in reviving the sense of audience connection and participation that we have experienced in a live, shared, physical space. We invite the audience, when they are asked to participate, to actively engage with the performers.

The success of this evening will be based on mutual expectations and trust, as we attempt to breach that 4th wall of the screen by actually doing something together. Supplies to collect in advance: paper, a pair of coffee cups or shot glasses, sound makers, a warmed-up voice.


Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Music

General Admission: USD 0.00

Artist: Brenda Hutchinson

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