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Are you looking for the best way to grow your career as a business leader?
This online event gives you the opportunity to explore MBA programs from wherever you are located around the world.
Get ready to meet leading international business schools online and have all your questions about your MBA journey answered on the go.
What to expect from this online event?
• Receive a personalized profile evaluation by our expert MBA consultants
• Meet with the admissions directors of prestigious business schools in real time
• Access scholarships from over EUR 3 million in MBA funding opportunities
• At the event there will be a raffle for 1 online course by GMAT Prep provider Manhattan Review - https://www.gmat.ie/
What makes the MBA degree valuable?
The MBA study format is designed for business leaders who are ready to develop their international managerial career or wish to move to a different industry. Employers value the business fundamentals, problem solving mindset, and adaptiveness that MBA participants acquire by the time they graduate.
Take the first step by discussing your preferences for business schools and programs directly with admissions directors.
The Access MBA online events are free of charge, but meeting slots are limited.
Get started and sign up today! - https://www.accessmba.com/link/Fel

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