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The exhibition, which runs until the 27th of June, brings together a collection of beautiful examples of Miro's works on paper from 1931 to 1970. Paper was a medium in which Miro excelled. Here we see his skill with oil, watercolour, gouache, brush and ink, ink wash and wax crayon, and his adeptness at the use of mixed media on paper.

Rarely ever seen as a complete set, the show also includes 'Trace sur la paroi I-VI', six large etchings with aquatint and carborundum, printed in colours from 1967. These are hung together on one wall, creating a powerful adjunct to the original works on paper alongside.

In addition, during Miro the gallery is also showing a complimentary group of fine paintings by Picasso, Calder, Dubuffet, Leger, Kandinsky and Brauner, amounting to a stunning range of 20th century masterworks on both paper and canvas.

Artist / Speaker: Joan Miro

Category: Arts | Visual Arts | Galleries / Art

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