Yoga, Wellness & Holistic Wisdom Retreat


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Moinhos Velhos

Barragem de Bravura, Cotifo, Lagos, 8600-077 Карта

Deepen your holistic experience and learn valuable knowledge which also transforms your everyday life! Yoga, Therapies and Holistic Workshops in one of the most potent healing environments on Earth!

It's easy to attend a retreat and receive a dose of 'paradise' but the real value is accumulating wisdom and skills which you can then apply to your life back home. So this retreat is unique as it offers both. You get paradise, a truly nourishing, relaxing connection holistic experience, encompassing yoga, a range of workshops, and therapies.

And crucially there are also sessions to help to nourish the mind and provide insight to help you understand and transform the stress factors which are creating frustration, confusion and strain in your everyday life.

So when you return you will feel vibrant, nourished and energised with fresh knowledge and insight about what you need to thrive!

Creative Wellness & Creative Yoga London founder Richard Brook's skill is in helping you to understand and value all areas of your life so there is also a healthy focus on group connection and fun with a trip to the beach and a meal out in Lagos.

The retreat is held in one of the most abundant and energetically potent places on Earth, Moinhos Velhos retreat.


• Daily yoga classes
• Holistic Activity Workshops
• Holistic education sessions
• Therapies
• Vegetarian Meals
• Sauna and jacuzzi
• Salt Water Pool
• Use of Electromagnetic bed
• Trip to Lagos and the beach


Anyone interested in deeply nourishing their body mind and spirit and wanting to consciously understand holistic practices and principles, to help in their life going forward.

Alongside Yoga, therapies & workshops we look at:

• Principles of Yoga & Meditation
• Eating & Digestion
• The body-mind & environment-body-mind connection
• Natural Forces like Yin & Yang & The 5 Elements


Richard is a true holistic expert, specializing in 5 Elements acupuncture, yoga, holistic education

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