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 Moxx .
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To Whomsoever it may Concern about Myself Hello to everyone. I don't know exactly where to start. . There are so many experiences to choose from. I think I will start with describing myself and what kind of person I am today. I am a good person I think. I don't hurt other people intentionally. I try to keep myself on the straight and narrow. Sometimes it is a daily battle. Every once in awhile if I feel down about myself I try to do something good for someone. I do smoke occasionally, but so does half the world. I am socially co-oprative person and love to assist people. I am personally Funny and as well as struggler too. I am driven to do more if I can. If I can help others by helping myself. I love to talk. I am of course my favorite subject. My best friend can agree to that. I will stop here because this is meant to be an introduction. At Your Service, SpecialistHere, (
Живее в:
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Приятели, Запознанства, Бизнес контакти
India, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai


Art, Coffee, tea and conversation, Cooking, Movies/Videos, Music, Football, Walking/Hiking, Reading Minds
Любима музика:
Classic, Jazz, RnB
Любими филми:
Любими книги:
Spy Catcher
Неща, които харесвам:
DO good and Have GOOD
Неща, които мразя:
Dont Hurt ppl intentially
Семейно положение:
Свободна връзка


  •  Antonio Arias

    Hello, Im planning a trip to Dubai and I dont know if you can help me out, i heard I need a sponsor to get a visit visa..
    I hope u can help me

  • James Gangnon
     James Gangnon

    Thanks for being my friend. Cheers, James

  • Sonda Saeed
     Sonda Saeed

    hi Moxx,the way you spoke about yourself is really interesting and i feel that you have sense of humour and respect to your self and to others.
    i will be glad to add you to my friend's list (after your permission of course)