Nigel Capel

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Nigel Capel
 Nigel Capel
За мен:
I am a retired Army officer and educator. I specialised in remedial education and teaching EFL. I am now retired and engage in amateur writing.
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Hannover (Germany)
Приятели, Бизнес контакти
Hannover, Colchester


History Reading historical fiction
Любими книги:
Historical fiction
Неща, които харесвам:
Archaeological and historic sites
Неща, които мразя:
Injustice, rudeness and lack of consideration
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Сфера на работа:
Education, training and qualifications
Semi-retired consultant
Предишна професия:
Teacher training 1968-1971; Qualified teacher 1971; Schoolteacher 1971-1974; Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 1974-1975; Second Lieutenant 1974; Lieutenant 1975; Captain 1978; Major 1984; Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate 1984; Manager of large educational charity 1997-2009; Trainer of teachers 2010-2012; Competence standards and qualifications designer 2000-date; External quality assurance auditor for qualifications 2010-2013. Retired to occasional research and consultancy.


  • Nigel Capel
     Nigel Capel

    As you know, across the United Kingdom - and further afield - there is strong opposition to the Government’s decision to take the United Kingdom (UK) out of the European Union (EU). The strength of this opposition is reflected in the large number of pro-Remain and anti-Brexit groups that now exist, some established before the Referendum last June, but most since. These groups operate in all four home nations of the UK and in several other EU countries. Some groups, like “The 48%”, are large, with many thousands of members, and these operate regionally, nationally or internationally. Others are small and local or they represent specific interest groups (eg scientists). All these groups are dedicated to opposing Brexit and promoting the ‘Remain’ cause.
    Our group, “Protecting EU & British Citizens’ Right to Remain in the EU”, is one of the few specifically established to protect the interests of UK citizens living in other EU countries and those of EU citizens living in the UK. Both ‘communities’ have much in common – quite apart from the fact that all are currently EU citizens – in that they are at risk of being used as bargaining chips during the Leave negotiations in Brussels and Strasbourg. Many have made their lives in host nations, predicating their decisions on the right to freedom of movement conferred by the EU four decades ago. A large number have married nationals in their adopted country. The legal status, security and happiness of millions of people is thus at stake.
    Our Facebook page is, but please bear in mind that this page is only open to members – for obvious reasons. If you agree with our aims, you are very welcome to join.
    Furthermore, sadly, there is a growing body of evidence that some non-British EU citizens are beginning to suffer prejudice and abuse within their daily lives and what might be described as ‘unduly officious’ treatment by the authorities. There have been no reports of this sort of thing affecting UK nationals living in other EU countries, in fact quite the reverse – so far.
    Our group, only established at the beginning of April, plans to highlight the scale of British opposition to Brexit and the pressing need to protect the interests of EU citizens who might be affected by both the negotiations shortly to begin between the EU and the UK and the outcome of their outcome. Our first event is scheduled to take place in Brussels over the weekend of 3rd and 4th June. Our members and supporters will travel there from across the EU, some in centrally arranged transport and others under their own steam. We intend to demonstrate our feeling and express our demands in (name of assembly location) between (start time) and (finish time) on Saturday 3rd June 2017. We hope that, as with the very successful event in London on 25th March, there will be speeches by notable pro-Remain and anti-Brexit figures and by representatives of the communities most affected now and in the future – EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living in other EU countries.
    Accordingly, we invite you to attend this event – the outline details are at and show your support for our cause. If you can’t attend but agree with our cause, please do anything you can to promote this event.
    Thank you for your time.
    #Remain #NoBrexit