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Philippines, South Korea


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    URGENT HIRING! Please read the job ad thoroughly.

    Position: Seoul, Korea-based Personal Assistant for our CEO

    This job is freelance, part-time, and long-term. The typical time you'll be needed is around 9:30 am KST and around 20-30 hours/week. This can grow into a full-time freelancing arrangement.

    Our CEO is in Seoul, Korea, and we are looking for a Personal Assistant who can work with him as needed.
    Some of the responsibilities include:
    - Getting things done for the CEO in the city (e.g., purchase books online or from a store, get groceries, shop things, get clothes to&from the dry cleaners, mail receipts, travel arrangements)
    - Must be good at following instructions and adhering to schedule.
    - Must be able to work with the CEO on-site. He is located in Seoul.
    - Must be able to speak in English and Korean well.

    Click here to apply: