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Dukaniya is an online grocery store in Lucknow, Online Grocery Shopping, Shop Online for Groceries, a leading Supermarket in Lucknow.
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Lucknow (India)
12 години
India, Lucknow


Shopping, Baseball, online grocery store in Lucknow
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UG 7 Om Sai Plaza Harihar nagar indira nagar


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grocery store
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UG 7 Om Sai Plaza Harihar nagar indira nagar


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     arvind chaurasiya

    Online Grocery Store in Lucknow
    A part of Vidimus Care India Private Limited, Dukaniya may be a multi-format retailer for a huge range of products across a good range of categories, be it food, grocery care, fashion, home essentials, and even. As one of the first entrants into the Indian grocery seller, we introduced the concept of organized grocery selling. While we launched our first-ever supermarket in 2015, we've expanded to 12 stores in over Lucknow in India. We have made it easy for our consumers to shop for grocery online in Lucknow also. Taking our philosophy of creating Fine Living Affordable forward into online shopping experience also, we embody this philosophy to enable our consumers for online grocery shopping in Lucknow. Sourced from our numerous neighborhood and hyper stores within the city, our delivery team ensures that your groceries reach you at the doorstep within minutes – you'll prefer to pay online or maybe pay on delivery. We make sure that our proposition of creating Fine Living Affordable is carried forward with the simplest products and services available at reasonable prices. Online grocery shopping in Lucknow is now simpler than ever.

    Grocery Home Delivery Services in Lucknow
    Shopping over the phone or online alleviates the need to walk up and down the shopping aisles at a supermarket selling grocery items. Shopping from the comforts of home is not only convenient but also a way to save time for other significant chores. With several home-delivery grocery stores offering discounts, customers can not only save time but also save their money. Not only does a grocery home delivery service save time and money of the customers but also relieve them from transporting weighty grocery bags from shopping mart to home. The groceries are delivered right at the doorstep of the customers at no additional cost. While some of the grocery stores accept online payment, some accept cash on delivery. Great tasting and healthy food is delivered in hygienic boxes and food packets, sometimes in less than an hour. The page above has contact numbers of all the Grocery Home Delivery Services in Lucknow.

    Benefits of Availing Grocery Home Delivery Services in Lucknow
    Let's be honest – heading off to the close by market is a significant tedious errand.
    In the event that you compute, an excursion to a market can most likely remove an hour or more from your day.
    Have you ever considered utilizing a basic food item home conveyance administration?
    It might seem like an ideal problem free arrangement and efficient device. Why?
    Take a gander at the upsides of benefiting basic food item home conveyance administrations on the web.

    save Time
    The majority of these basic food item home conveyance administration in Lucknow have their own online sites where you can buy the merchandise required and get it conveyed at your doorstep. This kills the need to approach 10 distinct stores not just sparing your time spent on shopping, voyaging yet in addition your vitality and assets.

    Saves Extra Costs
    Well, availing grocery delivery services at home certainly helps you save on extra costs like travelling fare/ fuel and parking charges, and so on. While saving on these charges may not seem severe at the minute, but this certainly adds up over a while.

    Get Goods Delivered at Your Time
    Regardless of whether it's 2 p.m. or on the other hand 10 a.m., most staple home conveyance administrations Lucknow has permit you to pick a fixed schedule opening according to your accessibility and accommodation and appropriately convey the merchandise. Note that you should be available when some food supplies are conveyed.

    Lesser Chances of Not Having the Required Quantity
    When looking for staple goods, there can be times that you don't get the ideal amount from a store. Additionally, the difficulty of conveying colossal amounts can be irksome. While profiting basic food item home conveyance administrations, you need not stress over the transportation factor here and the odds of you getting the ideal amounts are likewise higher. Also the limits you get the chance to appreciate as well.

    Stay away from the Queue and Crowd
    The issue of remaining in a line and sitting tight for your chance at the charging counter of the shopping center/market/supermarket in your general vicinity while confronting the group and further conveying substantial sacks home is a tedious encounter. Be that as it may, with staple shops offering home conveyance administrations things become quick and bother free.

    Keep away from Multiple Trips
    Commonly, you may neglect to buy a thing or two which tends to making numerous outings however in Lucknow staple home conveyance administrations you can simply add more things to your internet shopping basket and even in another request and get everything home conveyed. That implies no more trips back to the store for that solitary thing you overlooked.

    Think about and Choose the Best
    Since there are many basic food item home conveyance specialist co-ops you can generally look at and pick the best one. Examination should be possible based on cost, quality, limits, conveyance course of events, etc.

    Delivery Charges
    The conveyance charges fluctuate from one basic food item conveyance specialist organization to the next. Nonetheless, it as a rule ranges between Rs. 10 – Rs. at least 100. It is in every case best to check the conveyance arrangements of the particular specialist co-op. Pondering, 'where will I discover basic food item conveyance administrations close to me?' At dukaniya based on your area, fame, appraisals, and audits, you can locate the best staple specialist organizations close by. To get the best proposals from business recorded with dukaniya, click on the Best Deals tab adjacent to postings and top off the prerequisites. Specialist co-ops will contact with you with their best offers.