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visiting germany in aug/sept12 will be in munich 1st

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Hi, I'm going to be visiting Germany for the 1st time but will be going to munich 1st, not sure if I should go to other cities as well, but if so if Hannover worth visiting?

  • Chatryn Tho

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    Hii.. sorry for a bit late reply..
    Overall Hannover is nice city only not much place to visit here.. famous is only the Herrenhauser Garten and Altstadt which is common in all over Germany and also the Rathaus. But if ur trip is pass over Hannover then 1 day get around also nice

  • Vi L

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    @ksenia thanks..I'm still in the planning process:)

  • Ksenia Xotovitskaya

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    Hey! I don't think Hannover worth a visit- there are so many nicer cities!
    If I were you, I would go to Disseldorf,Hamburg, Drezden and Berlin.

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