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Looking for Irish contacts

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Hey folks!
I'm studying English Studies in the local university. My boyfriend and me moved here a few months ago. His mothertongue is polish, mine is german. We both lived in Ireland for a quite a while. Especially I am looking for Irish contacts to go out, have a cuppa tea once in a while. I feel very lonely amongst my own people and miss the Irish vibe. Also I would like to learn a little gaelic on the side, just for the craic.

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  • Ksenia Ksenia

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    Hello Juliane. My husband is Irish, we live in Trier and miss Ireland a lot. Where did you live in Ireland?Do you miss Barrie's tea?:)
    I am originally from Moscow, but in love in Ireland and my daughter is Irish and I am sure she will be the Rose of Tralee in future:)
    I would like to offer you meet for coffee&conversation:) but not sure you would like to meet mama and little girl. Anyway, Trier is nice place for study I am sure and beautiful one! Good luck!

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