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Melbourne - the cultural capital of Australia?

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Melborne is often characterized as a cultural capital of Australia. I would like to hear from other expats, what does this mean to you? How do you make use of it? Do you often discover local art galleries, concerts etc.?


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    Hi, in my opinion it is true. In Melbourne there are so many cultural events! There are so many places to visit that you can spend months going out and never go to one place twice :-) All the theaters, galleries, cafes, restaurants, concert halls, clubs... There is always something going on!

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    Melbourne is the dirty city part of Australia, although this can be said for all main cities basically anywhere. If you want to view the proper culture of Australia you have to go inland, check out the deserts. Uluru and such. Aboriginal way of life is also what you can say is Australian culture. Not a business city with an abundance of minorities, although that can also be viewed as Australian culture. In my opinion Melbourne is a good place to start if your coming to Australia but in no way is it what makes Australia a beautiful place to live.

    Try visiting the rainy hills of NSW that connects the border of VIC. Or Uluru in the Northern Territory in the deserts. The coast line of Australia where the great barrier reef is is also a beautiful place

    Hopefully this will help you understand

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