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Collective insurance in Montreal

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Hello everyone !

Just to quickly present myself: my name is Magalie (from France) and i'm going to work in Montréal for 1 year. It's such a big opportunity for me and i'm so excited to discover such a beautiful country :)
I started to take the necessary steps and it's going pretty well except for one thing (that's why i'm writting you today btw). My employer say that i can be cover by the collective insurance available in the company where i will work. First, i didn't know what it mean, so i made my own researches and i came across this website that talks about collective insurance in Quebec : (i know it's in french but i'm not good enough to read a full article talking about insurance in english). This website is well made but i wanted precisions by people who are already in Canada (Quebec if possible) to have a more "realistic" point of view.

So, my questions are: Does this insurance cover a lot of things? Do i have to take another insurance in addition to the one provided by my employer? Am i required to take this collective insurance or can i choose the one that i want?

Thank you so much for your help and i'm sorry if i made any english mistake (i'm counting on this wonderful experience to also improve my english ;))


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