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Hi guys, here is a job advertisement about hiring well-qualified foreign teachers to work in China. Hope that may help to some of you:

As a pioneer of Chinese Education without frontiers and largest company in this field in the southern China, the World International Education China (WIEChina, ) is dedicated to improve English education and Chinese school system in China. We cooperate with hundreds of partner schools in China, ranging from kindergartens to colleges, public to private, domestic to international. WIEChina attempts to introduce the most competitive foreign teachers to our partner schools and guarantee the benefits for our foreign teachers in China.

In order to expand our team, we are currently recruiting competitive and potential foreign teachers who would like to work in China. If you are a native English speaking graduate with TEFL/TESOL certificate or specialized English teacher, please feel free to contact with us. Just sending your resume and personal photo to the e-mail address below: [...]

Work Hours: 18 teaching hours (your actual teaching hour will less than 18 hours) + 15 office hours weekly; Maximum 25 classes / week, each class being 45 minutes, Monday - Friday, classes will be between 8:00 AM-12:00 AM, and 2:30 PM-5:30 PM.

Positions available: Kindergarten, Primary school, Middle school,

School Location: Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan.,Shenzhen, Beijing etc..

Contract Period: 26th / Feb. 2018 - 15th / Jan. 2019 Positions are two semesters or longer. Arrive one week early for training, cultural immersion, and school/apartment placement.

Job requirements:
1. Native English speaker (no strong accent) with a bachelor’s degree +TEFL/TESOL Or Celta teaching certification, (which is a class you can take online.) You MUST have a passport or residence card from America, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, or the UK.
2. Teachers must be honest, hardworking, responsible, mature, have excellent communication skills, easy going, desire to learn about new cultures, and energetic.
3. Must be between 22-55 years old and able to perform all kinds of activities with students (jumping, walking, gesturing, standing for entire classes, etc.) Special teaching skills such as dancing, singing, art, music, or abilities to teach AP level classes will increase your pay!
4. Non-criminal background check
5. Reference letter to show that you have been a qualified employee (required for Chinese Visa.)
6. After accepted to work for WIE, you will need to provide a copy of your valid passport and medical report.

The Payment would be between 14,000 - 25000RMB (approximately 2213 to 3952 USD) per month (or more) depending on your qualifications and abilities.

For more details about the job requirements and advantages of joining us, just sending e-mail to [...] . We are more than happy to patiently explain the details for you. It is a good chance for you to live and work in an entirely new country. If you are keen on exploring new culture and teaching in a new environment, please don’t hesitate to join us! 
Advantages of Joining WIE’s Team:
1. We are a professional employer with over 10 years of experience. All of our teachers have working (Z) visas and are working legally in China License NO: A2-4430003.) We will assist you with ALL government paperwork (including invitation letters, medical tests, immigration, police registration, foreign expert certifications, etc.)
2. Work with a big group of foreign teachers. Our WIE family has now surpassed 100 people and is constantly growing. Meet excellent colleagues and friends.
3. We have locations in multiple cities in Southern China including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Foshan. All of these cities are very safe, civilized, developed, have long histories with lots of sightseeing, and have great food! You will never be bored in a big city in China like these.
4. You will receive professional teacher training before you start working, as well as ongoing training. We also will help you to find an apartment.
5. Weekly online Mandarin classes for beginners and experts of Chinese language.
6. Earn international work and living competitive advantages by traveling and teaching with WIE!
7. We have provided over 150 reference letters to teachers to past teachers. This reference letter is required for future employers in China, and is an invaluable resource for finding your next job.
8. Arrival support
9. Accident insurance

Five reasons work in China
1. Great Career Growth
The country is growing in every way possible at a breakneck pace and opportunities abound at WIEChina. Gain more experience, enroll in our training programs, get in?house teaching certifications and grow with us.

2. Enticing Food
Ask anyone in China and you’ll hear the same thing: Chinese food the best in the world. From the spicy essence of Sichuan to the subtle freshness of Hong Kong, many dishes will delight your taste buds.

3. Incredibly Cheap
At 6.88 Chinese yuan to the US dollar and climbing, the cost of living in China is much cheaper than in western countries.

4. So Easy
It’s easy to live here as a foreigner. Public transportation is fast, western conveniences are everywhere and the people are friendly and helpful.

5. Magnificent Views
Whether you’re looking out onto the modern skyline of Guangzhou from the Bund or the
rural landscapes of a nearby province from the bullet train, the sights of China are a visual feast for the eyes.

  • Amy Su

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    Thanks for your sharing.

  • Va para perfil de Dwyane Lin

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    Thank u for ur post
    Due to China's strong cultural and historical emphasis on education, teaching is a highly respected profession in China. Most Chinese believe that students should pay their teachers sincere respect, which has even formed a social norm that you can not easily detected in other countries.
    If u guys are interested in ESL, visit the website in my profile to get my info

  • Va para perfil de Dwyane Lin

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    Many new graduates decide to start their careers as a teacher in China in order to make money to pay off student loans. They may want to know weather if it's worth it? Some of the ex-pats end up teaching in China because of their interest in Asian culture.

    No matter what kind of intention you may have, teaching in China is meaningful for your career and even entire life, not only for financial reasons. International experience, personal experience, and global experience are all valuable. Many people have advanced their careers by learning Chinese, meeting contacts worldwide, and serving as an essential connection as our globalized world is developing.

  • Chaoqun Wang

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    Thanks for sharing!
    Because of the booming economy in China, the number of international schools in China is the largest in the world, parents pay more and more attention to children's education, which provides an increasing demand to foreign teachers.

  • Va para perfil de Tina Wang

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    There are a great number of teaching opportunities in China for foreign teachers particularly in some advanced cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. For example, Shanghai is often seen as an ideal city for foreigners who are eager to teach in China because it has become one of East Asia’s leading international school cities and there will be more teaching positions accessible in international schools in Shanghai. For example, there are 38 IB schools in Shanghai, where considerable teaching jobs are open to foreign teachers. It is estimated that among the total population of 242.8 million in Shanghai, there are around 210000 expats who work in Shanghai, therefore, Shanghai is a large expat community, which suits your requirements well!

  • Angel S

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    Thank you for sharing, consider teaching English in China is worthy cause nowadays the demand for foreign teacher is large and it is usually well paid, not to mention the delicious food and beautiful scenes and a convenient living style.

  • Ariana Jiang

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    For foreigners who have a teacher qualification certificate and meet the above requirements, I suggest you go to work in an international school in Shenzhen. Shenzhen’s international schools have developed rapidly, and the Shenzhen government has attached great importance to education and has invested a lot in educational resources.

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