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Beijing, Harbin Help !!!!!!!!!!

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Hallo Everybody,

my husband and I are thinking about the opportunity of moving to Harbin or Beijing, as my husband has an opportunity of working there in transfer
for his company.
We are a couple of 30 years old people with a Baby and we are particularly worried for HIM as we are reading some terrible information about
POLLUTION in these two cities.
For this reason we would like to ask you some suggestions that will be for us very useful about the following subjects:

1- POLLUTION: I would like to get your opinions and your truth about the subject pollution (AIR, WATER, FOOD), to know how did you find
some solutions to it.
Is it possible to breath cleaner air living outside of the down town of these two big cities (Beijing and Harbin) and stay in the city only for work?
Is water in bottle (to use for cooking and for drinking) coming from Europe or other western countries available?
Is there anybody using some water purifier in his house?
Is there anybody using some air purifier in his house?
Is there the possibility to eat exclusively food coming from Europe or other western countries ( frozen food, canned food for vegetables and fruits )?
In case we would be interested in receiving periodically food from Europe by post, do you think there would be any restrictions
at the custom?

2- INTEGRATION IN THE SOCIETY: was it easy to integrate with the Chinese society and to offer to your family a good health care service?
What about the school for your children?
3- PRESENCE OF WESTERN CULTURE: is there a good number of western citizens?
4- COST OF LIVING: which minimum cost of living should a western citizen (that is living in Beijing or Harbin) consider?

Any suggestion or experience from you will be very very useful and we thank you very much even if you can answer only in part and only to some of the
above questions!!!

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  • Angel S

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    Hi best wishes for living in China and life is convenient here you don't have to be vary worried.

  • Mike Walker

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    It may be too late, but I recommend Beijing. Harbin gets COLD and I feel there is more culture in Beijing. The pollution is pretty bad, but it does get better everyday. I won't lie to you, there will be some days that are simply disgusting, but those days are rather rare.

    Beijing has a very strong western community, so strong that you can have all western friends if you want.

    For a school for your kids I suggest looking into international schools.

    This reply may be too late so I don't want to get into too much detail. Let me know if this was helpful and if you are still deciding, or if you ahve made your decision.


  • Inman wang

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    the pollution in beijing is not so serious as you heared.i konw many foreiger live here happily just as my english teacher.
    but traffic jam is a big problem relatively

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