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Places for language exchange in Madrid

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Hi there!

Hope you're finding yourself comfortable in this lovely city. I've been living in Madrid for over 3 years and got to know some places to meet new people and learn new languages (My case is Spanish). Try these places out:
Bear Station: a kinda small restaurant but always full. There is a small cinema in the back and you can buy a ticket for 3 euros
El Estudio: located in La Latina, come on Friday or Thursday's night is best. A very good place to meet cool people all around the world and get cheap beers.

  • Madrid Babel

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    Another great place to exchange languages are MadridBabel meetings every Wednesday from 20:30 onwards and every Sunday from 19:00 onwards, both days at TANQUERAY ROOM (calle Silva 4 - metro Callao); the coordinators introduce you to nice people and you practise any language in a fun and friendly atmosphere. For more info visit

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