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Hello every body,

My name is Fadi, I am a 30 year old guy from Syria born in Dubai.

I moved to Lyon a few days back, and I'd like to make some contacts/friends who might be able tell me how to find apartments here.

few thinks about me:

I was in few EU countries before arrived France, (Greece, Germany, Holland just for two weeks) but i love France.
I'd like to have my own buisness.
I love traveling, swimming, diving, adventures, playing tennis.

I would like to learn french, and i am ready to help some one who want to learn Arabic or English.

So if anyone can help out with this i would really appreciate it.

So buddies i need two things right now ( APARTMENT very very very urgent & LANGUAGE )



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    Hi Fadi

    Do you need a flat for you only or maybe you have wife and you need flat for a couple :)
    All best,
    Sara :))))))

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