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Is there anyway that this forum can be brought back to life?

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Hi All

I was really excited when I found this site to see that there might be a community to offer mutual support to newcomers. I put my post on and later thought I'd check. Looked at last post from 2012 and very few replies over all.

Seems a real shame. I fully want to integrate with the locals but it would also really be helpful to have one or two English speaking friends thrown in for social time and mutual help.

Any takers?



  • Va para perfil de Mr & Mrs PW (Orne 61)

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    If you live in Orne or in the surrounding depts. join the expats network meet up for coffee, a glass or two of wine and share your thoughts, advice, experiences and concerns.
    Two sites to link up with so what are you waiting for, there's nothing to pay, it's all about getting together and remember as a member of a group you are stronger.
    ORNE Network
    ORNE Expats Network

  • Aaron Wilson

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    Hi Catherine
    Apologies for delay in replying. Hope you have made some inroads since your last message. I'm over rather infrequently as I'm struggling to progress work on building so unable to spend as much time over as I would have liked. Next over in mid July but it seems you are fully living there so I don't know how helpful that is.

  • Catherine Gauthier

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    Hi Aaron,
    I just found this site, and was hoping to meet fellow anglophone expats as well. It doesn't look like there's much activity on this forum, at least in Lower Normandy. If you'd like to connect, please let me know.

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