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Haaaaaaaaalllo am looking for friends here in Holland : )

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Halloechen , i come from germany am 19 and live now since 3 month in Tiel, a little lovely city in Holland ( Gelderland ). I moved here because my boyfriend is dutch , haha jaja the love braught me here ... well at the moment i m doing a language course to learn dutch , in september i want to start a study in arnhem or nijmegen or utrecht , somewhere haha i dont know yet. But i m reallt trying to find some new contacts here, cause i need some friends. It s annoying to miss my german friends all the time and i also dont want to hang around just with my boyfriend and his friends , i m looking for something own , an own group of friends were i can go when i have enough from my lovely boyfriend so maybe just some friendly funny and spontanious girls or boys to go out with and have fun with : ) Cause i think thats very important for me. For me it would be great if there are some germans here in the neighbourhood but i am also opened to any other culture : )So i m really happy for any reactions from people that like to get to know me better
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