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friends or housing? anybody?

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hey guys,
does anybody have a room or an appartment for rent? or does anybody want to join me and my roomate in looking for a common appartment?
We are students, we are from romania, and we are looking for a place to stay.
In rest, we are looking for friends, as we just arrived and feel lonely already..

  • Dani Zombie

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    Hey, I just moved to Houten and I'm also looking for friends and new people to hang out with. I am romanian but I come from Uk been there for few months... Actually I've been outside Romania for some time... But anyway if anyone wants to meet up for a coffee/tea my email is [...]


  • Igor R

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    I also looking room in Utrecht.I finish study in my country and looking something place to stay in utrecht.
    Have a nice day:)

  • Va para perfil de Laura H

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    Just wondered how you managed to find your place Rebecca-I have to move place again in Dec and hard to find places even though I ahve been here 2 years!!Did you guys meet up in the end?I am also form UK and open o meeting new ppl!

  • Va para perfil de ruxandra t

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    yeah, sure, why not meeting? I had a pretty lonely experience too. well, enjoy your new home and I am looking forward to meet you! my email: [...]

  • Va para perfil de Rebecca Sharpe

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    unfortunately I have just moved into a room just outside of utrecht but I am still looking to make new friends....its been pretty lonely experience so far. Im hoping to visit more places around the netherlands and would love to meet up sometime if you are interested.

    let me know if you would like to meet.

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