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Ballroom Dance Class

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Does anybody know a place in Kuwait that teaches Ballroom Dancing. From Foxtrot to Rumba. We are interested in learning how to really dance and perhaps have some fun with others if there are places to pracrtice what we learn.

  • Joseph Katara

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    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for reaching out and appreciate your note.
    Due to this Covid, we have taken a small break and currently in India on Vacation.

    Once we get back, we shall bing you.

    By the way, just couple of things.
    Currently I am only giving private classes as the Studio is closed.

    Secondly, just wanted to know, are you interested to enroll with your partner.

    Kind Regards

  • Va para perfil de Mike M

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    Please let me know if you are still teaching 97212409

  • Joseph Katara

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    Ballroom Dance Classes

    Joseph: 60925308

    The only place that teaches 5 Styles of Ballroom Dancing.

  • Sara S.

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    Sorry, but i dont think so there is!

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