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New Zealand

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New Zealand ....what can i say? stayed with a relative for a couple of months ,went over to see what opps were there as i was thinking of emigrating to live and start a new life...but NO !
What a absolute DUMP of a country ! the scenery is great but thats your lot !
The people are the most brain dead dumbest degenerates i have ever come across and i have travelled a lot in my life time ! talk about thick !
money is almost none existant so if you like working for a pittance and not getting anywhere by doing so the go ahead !
the houses are about 50% OVERPRICED for what you get ! a £500 garden shed is tehe same thing ! but a bit smaller !!!!!!
the weather is a pain in the arse if it rains in the morning for 10minutes itll rain again later as the weather goes around in circles 1 much like the people !!!!!
they all live for beer ! it rules their lives ....piss heads the lot of em
the cars are shite ! the food is shite apart from the lamb....
so if your thinking of going DONT youll be disappointed its not the pacific paradise its made out to be !!
its shite !!!!!!!! plus its now full of chinese asians who sell cheap shit and crap food
the clothes are crap quality that you buy you cant get quality clothes basically cause people their aint got the money to buy them
the companies expect you to work for nothing ! pay crap wages etc etc
you pay through the teeth for everything ! and i mean everything
the police are just debt collecting they fine you for everything !!!!
New Zealand.....beautiful scenery for a holiday but to live their its a bloody shit pit and getting worse !!!
Good luck if you go....youll need it !

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