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visit Poland

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hi guys i m interested to go to Poland & would appreciate your help to get to know more about Poland , culture , way of life , where i can stay if i reach there also suitable places to visit .

many thanks

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  • Данил Литров

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    If you go to Warshaw I highly recommend to visit old town. Included on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Warsaw’s Old Town was completely rebuilt after World War II, based mostly on 18th century paintings by the Italian painter Canaletto. The heart of the area, guarded proudly by the Warsaw mermaid, is the Old Town Market Place with its restaurants and cafés. Visitors should also make sure to see the Barbican and St. John’s Cathedral, as well as explore the picturesque winding streets.( source: )

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    I need some help visiting warsaw, poland. any assistance you can provide?

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    thanks for your reply , actually im planing to visit Poland , and would like to know some good places to visit and advice where can i stay , love this country . i used to have a polish friend met him in UAE but unfortunately he pass way in a car accident .

    i would like to visit his mother in Poland.

    would appreciate if you guys can advice me .many thanks .

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    Are you coming for holidays or to live there?

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