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How is it having a business in Portugal?

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Is Portugal a good country for doing business? How is the current economy? How are the Portuguese in terms of business?

Thanks for a reply

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  • Herman van Katwijk

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    It's very hard to do business at the moment in Portugal. Starting a business is very easy, to earn money, that's another issue. There is a lot of unemploymency.

    Of course a lot is depending of your skills, the area of your profession and your targetgroup.

    The Portuguese people are generally very easy with their appointments: for example "today" will possibly mean "tomorrow" or even later.
    The easy way of life will be admired in one way but can give a lot of stress too.

  • Va para perfil de Paulo Fernandes

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    At the moment, NO.
    The economy in pt is not so good at the moment, but depends what you pretend sell.

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