Full Month Meal Prep Decoded For Busy Parents


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Did you know that people with children cook an average of 1 hr day.

That's 7hrs/week, that's 28hrs/month. That's 3.5 working days per month on just cooking! By the time you add the shopping trips to the mix, we are up to 5 days! People spend the equivalent of a whole working week on the task of feeding themselves (feeding time excluded).

Imagine what you could do if you gained that time back!

By getting rid of the inefficiencies, buying yourself that time you can spend having more quality time with your kids, your spouse or simply yourself!

Join us to see how you can plan and pre-cook for the whole month in just a few hours.

What will I learn?

Month prepping: why it matters
Creating a prepping culture in the home: what research tells us
Pitfalls : What to avoid
Month prepping: The how. How to prep for the month in half an hour and take seasonality into consideration for extra excitement
Your questions answered: previously sent questions and workshop questions
Reflection and next steps

Category: Kids / Family

General Admission: GBP 7.5

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