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De Bewustzijn School

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Who is this for?
For those who feel the deep urge that things can be different. Some do not know where or how to start and some may have already started in some way leading others in the world more conscious.
This is for those who have a strong desire to take responsibility, gain deeper understanding and embrace their  unique leadership role in the world. Most will come from a background practising introspection, meditation, spritual practices or have been guiding, facilitating and leading others in any way possible.What is this about?
A workshop for the next generaton who would like to explore, embody and build the next paradigm: the emergence of spirituality and leadership.
As part of raising conscious leadership, more and more people are looking for deeper meaning, living with prupose, conscious directions, fusion of personal and global transformation, conscious businesses and societies and a radical shift towards authentic humanity in all domains of living.
What to expect?
Multi-scale levels of transformations are discussed, applied and 'potentially' experienced. All with the mindset of how to embody spirituality truly in all dimensions, integrating it practically with the movement towards a more Conscious World.
Answers, methods and explorations are offered from leadership studies, spirituality, mystical traditions and personal gained wisdom and insights from more than 15 years.
Example of modalities applied: Spiral Dynamics, Embodied Leadership, Chi-Gong, Runic Yoga, Transformational Presence, Conscious Leadership Practices, Breathwork, Meditation, Introspection, Non-Duality, Powerful Questions, Teal Organizations and more.

On Saturday February 8, 2020 at 1:30 pm (ends 4:30 pm)

Category: Community - Religion & Spirituality - Spirituality


Early Bird Ticket 1 Person: EUR 55.00
Normal Ticket 1 Person: EUR 65.00
Come-Together Ticket 2 Person: EUR 95.00

Venue: De Bewustzijn School, 467 Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, 1017 DK



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