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Maike Stolte
 Maike Stolte
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I came to be a coach due to an inherent search for wellbeing. After my mum died in 2007, I decided that there was more to life than working hard in an international marketing department. I guess I always had the calling, but didn’t act on it. Instead, I started my career in audiovisual media & advertising, with international experiences in London, Mexico and Madrid (Spain). I worked in a Marketing department at an international company for 3 years, before I decided to specialize on something more important to me than figures: people. Through the experience of my own personal and professional shift, I know that anything is possible! I strongly believe that you can find your own unique style and purpose in order to live a fulfilled life. I have always been honored for my qualities to motivate and help people find their true meaning and, most importantly, to turn their dreams into reality, via pragmatic, goal oriented and creative actions. This is why I specialized as a CTI Coactive Coach and combine my personal experiences with the variety of body-centered training, in order to help you take the step necessary to become completely in-bodied.
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Barcelona (Spain)
Catalan, English, French, Hindi, Spanish
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Religion/Spiritual, Volunteer/Community Activities, Aerobics, Baseball, Jogging, Yoga, Inbody has specialized its practices and therapies on the human being, on the body and its connection between mind and spirit. When we look at the modern life that we are facing every day in European cities, we come across a range of reoccurring symptoms that seem to define normality at present: headaches, migraines, stiff necks, bowel symptoms, skin problems, irritation, distraction, addictions and agendas that seem to be creating more space for the origin of this imbalance than its owner’s recreation. Inbody looks at you- your life, your fears, your hopes and your body. We want to understand what it is you need, what it is that moves you and that makes you feel at home in your mind and body. Hence, we are working with different techniques and tools, combining Coaching, NLP and Bodywork (Paranayama, Yoga, Meditation, Art, Massages, …) so you can learn how to reconnect to your body whilst focusing on what’s really important to you. Inbody uses coaching in order to create awareness, to provoke and enhance your mental patterns, motivate and trigger your “kick off buttons”, but also to make you aware of the power you have inside, and the messages your body communicates to you on a daily basis. We believe that life is a way of learning, growing, stumbling, hopping, laughing, playing and tickling the life force inside you. Feel the play of the juggling balance of your body, mind and spirit, and learn what it feels like to decide, move and manage your life from within. You are a woman, a man, an entrepreneur, an artist, a physical therapist, a curious person, a vegetarian, a business person, a globetrotter, or just on quest….Inbody offers services to the ones who are ready to make a change in their life. Together we create and pave the way for you to walk comfortably and with ease.
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Arabian, mediterranean, lounge
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Yoga, health, coaching, massage, reiki...
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don´t enjoy the life !!
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CTI Coactive Coach, massage and reiki
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Natural health
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Studies Bachelor in Communication & Cultural Studies, University of London, UK MBA audiovisual sector, University Carlos III, Madrid, Spain Experience Advertising Agencies & Marketing at corporate level for 3 years Manual therapist since 2005 Co-active Life coach since 2009, CTI London, UK
34 677 27 59 46
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     Maike Stolte


    In the workshop "My Energy" try the crucial issue of your life energy. 

    Identify as important and valuable is  define where you want to go and  the way  that you want to make in your life. Learn how to be more focused and be more authentic in all areas . You'll get tools to help you ...

    know about your really want to activate and use your potential to be closer to yourself 


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